The kids are getting inline

A short time ago I was looking for an Android app that we could use with our kids to get their chores done. There were several apps available but none of them really did what I wanted, so I decided – “Hey, I’m a guy who builds online software. Why not do it myself?’ And thus was born. The whole process kicked off late in 2014 and now we’ve got a mobile website that works across any mobile device right in the browser, and behaves like a native app.

And how well is it working with our own little software testers? In a word – FANTASTIC! It’s actually surpassed all my expectations about how the kids would respond. They’re regularly completing their chores; in absolute hot competition with each other; and there’s the added bonus of always having their pocket money balance on hand when we’re out so if they’re asking for something, we can give them option of buying it for themselves. Overall it’s teaching them to take ownership of their own money, and giving them a solid structure and set of expectations to build good habits with their chores.

Here’s some screenshots from their current status this morning:

Zach     Liv

I’m pretty stoked to be able to offer this sort of thing to our friends to use as well, and slowly other success stories are making their way back to us. It’s pretty feel good stuff.

If you want to get it for your kids, it’s available at