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There’s a new chapter unfolding at the moment. A big transition between what went before and what is about to come. A lot of the work is happening in the cave at the moment and reasonably soon it will start to come out. So in some ways it’s appropriate that I’ve managed to delete a lot of the media and scribblings on this blog to date on tired Friday afternoon whilst wearing my cowboy hat. On to the next chapter…

Implementing Jquery Autocomplete in Zurb Foundation 4

Zurb Foundation 4 (4.1.6 as of this post to be specific) is a fantastic non-opinionated framework that is reasonably vanilla out of the box and contains a tonne of brilliant functionality. If you’ve used it already – you know the awesome.



One of the quirks I came up against when using the framework for prototyping was around the jquery autocomplete functionality so I wanted to get it down for posterity.

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